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Cassandra Castagna
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Well, I go by Cassie usually, but here I'm PurpleRainGirl.

My OCs are like my children. I love them with all my heart, and yes, I like tits.

Enjoy my page~!
Peruse the gallery! I won't bite! :D

<3 MY Etsy and Storenvy Shops are NOW OPEN <3……

And so is the facebook fanpage for up to date sneak peeks, etc;… !!



PLEASE PAY WITH PAYPAL to using the website itself, unless business is done here but I prefer using those websites.

**prices may vary with amount of detail, and characters in piece.
Terms and conditions for Kinda Cute Creations!

My Commission Prices are as follows;

Digital Commissions come with the file only. If you'd like to purchase a physical copy, it's an additional $5 for printing and shipping.

For digital commissions I charge;

$10 for sketch style
$20 for ink/lineart
$25 for flat colors
$35 for cel shading,
$45 for fully rendered/painterly

For traditional commissions (inked and copic marker);
$15 for sketch style
$20 for ink/lineart
$30 for flat colors
$50 fully rendered/painterly

Simple shapes or colors added is +$5
Simple background (minor detailed scene) is +$10
Additional characters +$15 per character

I can do most species, as long as I have a reference image of it.
I can do sexual artwork as well, pinup girls, etc, but I will NOT do;

overly muscular, anorexic and obese figures (also includes helium filled)
pedophilia related work,
extreme mutilation,
ryona (extreme violence/dismemberment)
gore (PERIOD).
vore (PERIOD).
anal prolapse,
complex background (I don't have the proper time or current skill set to spend hours on a background, sorry)


Yaoi/Yuri/ gay/ trans/ hetero
tasteful nudity /suggestive poses /ecchi
generic anthros / humans /gemsonas!
sexual acts (see NO-NO list above)
armor, if reference given
weapons, reference
simple background! (funky colors, shadows, etc)

Whatever floats your pervy boat, and as long as it's not insanely difficult to draw. Don't get too weird on me, bruh!

Upon receiving the SAI, and JPEG file(s) of your commission, you must understand you accepting these files is a agreement that you will not share or distribute these files to be sold without my consent. Just don't do it.

(adoptable specific)

Once you purchase the adoptable, its free for you or whomever you're buying it for to use it how ever you want, this includes

-making it your OC (just please give me credit)
-changing details to the character is permitted (can be altered for an additional $5)

-You can post your adoptable wherever you want
-PLEASE BE READY TO PAY FOR THE ADOPTABLE. If you do not reply within 48 hours, you have lost the chance of ownership of that adoptable and it will be open again for bidding, or go to the next available bidder. If you have already sent the payment mistakenly, you will be refunded.

Payment must be in USD, paypal has an option for that. :) Also, when sending use the family and friends option so nobody incurs a fee.

Do NOT resell or trade the adoptable. They are for you to enjoy, and to be forever loved.

Once you purchase this adopt, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

If I have any reason to suspect you are dishonest I will not be selling to you. If you breaks my terms you'll not be allowed to bid on any of my items or commission me again.
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JustAnotherNinja Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I remember seeing you at one of the cons in Columbia, SC. I bought three plushies from you, they looked like round balls with a face and a tail. Two of them are black cats and the bigger one is a fox.

What I'm trying to say is, I have looked at your online stores and I can't find them anywhere. Does this mean you no longer make them? Why?
PurpleRainGirl Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hey, maybe you've got me mistaken for another vendor, I'm sorry I've never sold any plushies that are fox or cat related. I've only sold poro plushies and now, the floof plushies, which I have pictures of in my gallery here, but haven't listed them online yet.

I've been at conventions in Columbia, SC but I'm primarily a print artists. Sorry! ^^;;
JustAnotherNinja Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Oh okay maybe I have mistaken you for someone else! Well I hope you sell a lot of prints and plushies! Good luck :)
Stitchlovergirl96 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi hi! I saw you at IchibanCon in Concord NC, I bought one of your Sans art prints. I was The Great PapSans. Or you'd probably remember the Sans wearing the red scarf/cape, had a speaker in my costume so it was easier to hear me. Thought I'd check out your dA, 'cause I looked at your card that I received with the print. I absolutely love your artwork! Keep up the amazing work! :hug:
PurpleRainGirl Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
I just "dawwwwwwed' out loud! Thank you so much hun!! I love it when people try to keep up with me after the shows I go to, it makes me feel like I made an impact, like I made a difference, and made someone happy :)

I'm glad you reached out to me, and I will! I just applied to Animazement, I'm crossing my fingers! And I also applied to Nashicon(SC), but I know I will be at Agamacon (SC) so far and Soda City Comic Con(SC) more than likely
Stitchlovergirl96 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're super duper welcome! You most certainly made me happy, I've been planning on buying a frame for the print once I can figure out the dimensions, so odds are I'll have to take it with me when I go frame shopping. :lol:

Maybe I'll see you again depending if I can go to another con any time soon. Gotta lot of work to catch up with so I actually can afford to go. :giggle:
PurpleRainGirl Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
Oh awesome! Something that might help is matting it in a frame because the paper/cardboard matte can  make it look nice, even if the dimensions arent exact :)

And that would be awesome! I know that feeling, my next one isn't til March, in Aiken SC and after that I am waiting to hear from Nashicon, if I got in for April. and then AZ if I get in
LevLADS Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016
happy birthday!
PurpleRainGirl Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Professional General Artist
thankyou! sorry I forgot about Da, I've been so busy  *w*
LevLADS Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016
no problem
tuan-hollaback Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there!!! Thank you so much for the fave or watch!... Sorry I don't remember (o.O) !!!

Oh let's connect! If you use Twitter, Facebook, please join me ^^


Have a very nice week, yiha!

Welcome Back - Sailor Moon Fanart by tuan-hollaback  Music is Sacred by tuan-hollaback  Oshiri I (Colored Version) by tuan-hollaback  The End Of Evangelion by tuan-hollaback  
pinkythepink Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
:love: Thank you for the favorites, it really means ever so much to me that you enjoy my artwork! I invite you to add me to your watch so that you can see all the future beaded and stitched pieces I have planned! :blowkiss: Just think of the sparkles... :squee:
LevLADS Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
ay b0ss, merry Christmas!

Pink Guy- hey b0ss! 
PurpleRainGirl Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Professional General Artist
heyy! merry christmas to you too!
LevLADS Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
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